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Digitisation exports from North Karelia to Berlin

PRESS RELEASE 2017-10-18

The company Sertifer Consulting Ltd has agreed with the Museum für Naturkunde of Berlin to deliver the museum an automatic digitisation line for pinned insects. This is a unique research instrument, similar to those existing in Joensuu and Helsinki.

Museum für Naturkunde has approximately 30 million specimens in their collection. Most of them are pinned insects, but there also are skins of birds and mammals, and bones and skeletons, etc. Their data needs to be made openly accessible through Internet, for the use of researchers, administrations, and citizens around the world. This can only be achieved through automated imaging, image processing, and artificial intelligence.

With the aid of conveyors and automated photography, a research technician can digitise up to 500 specimens in a day, which is about ten times faster than just by using manual methods.

Sertifer Consulting Ltd is a spin-out of the massive investment which EU structural funds did for digitisation in Joensuu. Digitarium, the joint digitisation centre of the Finnish Museum of Natural History of the University of Helsinki, and the University of Eastern Finland, has worked at the Joensuu Science Park since 2010. However, the University of Eastern Finland has decided to cease its participation in the project by the end of 2017. The research activities of Digitarium will move to the University of Helsinki, but the commercial operations of Digitarium will remain in North Karelia.

There is an increased demand for automated digitisation systems. Sertifer Consulting is already preparing further offers to other customers around the world.

More information Hannu Saarenmaa puh 040 175 0427